Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Started Operation: March 23, 1915
Initial Bearing: 48o 55' 29" N Lat. 125o 33' 13" W Long

It is located on Vancouver Island off the south west coast of Canada.



Did You Know?

Originally, a 31-day Wigham lamp was installed at Amphitrite Point and was maintained by the lifeboat operator stationed at Ucluelet. Eight years later the Princess Maquinna radioed Victoria with news that this light tower had washed away. Indeed, a tidal wave had hit on January 2nd, 1914 and demolished the tower. Following this, a hanging lantern was installed in a different spot.

In 1919, James Fraser, a watchman from the Ucluelet lifeboat station, took over light keeping duties at the Amphitrite lighthouse. Wartime cutbacks had grealy reduced the wages of light keepers and for $10 per month Fraser made a daily one mile hike at sunset to light the lamp wick, another trip at midnight to wind the machinery and trim the wicks, and yet another trek at sunrise to put the light out. This he did in all kinds of weather.

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